How to craft your own Lego set

The future of the Lego universe looks to be set to change forever, as a group of high-profile figures is taking a stab at building their own sets.

Lego fans will recall that last year the brand was able to produce a set based on the iconic film Star Wars.

Now the company is set to be joined by a handful of other brands, including Lego-branded bricks, to make a new set based in the worlds of Lego block and Lego-inspired Lego figures.

The new set will come to market later this year, and will include a wide range of elements, including a “Star Wars”-themed Lego set, Lego-themed bricks and even a “Lego City” themed brick set.

“It’s very exciting,” said Mike Gorman, executive vice president of marketing at Lego.

“We’re going to have a set that is very focused on making Lego bricks, which are actually really good and durable.

We have a range of Lego bricks that are very popular right now, which is really exciting to see, and that’s something that we really want to be a part of, so we’re going for it.”

The set will be made in Australia, and the LEGO brand will be the exclusive licensee of the set.

It’s still not clear how much it will cost to produce the set, but Lego has confirmed that it will be “quite a significant investment”.

The company has a “legacy of making high-quality, well-built, affordable and sustainable products”, and is aiming to grow the brand to reach 100 million units in sales in the next five years.

In terms of its brand, Lego’s current focus is “building Lego bricks and building Lego bricks for other people”.

It’s clear that Lego is keen to see the brand grow and expand.

“Legos are the most popular set on the planet, but they’re not as popular as the other Lego products,” said Gorman.

“So it’s really important to us that we get them into the hands of kids as well.”

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