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A new study shows a new moulding technique called “shipping” is as effective as conventional baking in creating a perfectly smooth and silky cake.

Key points:Moulding technique, which uses hot liquid to create a mould, is as good as the conventional method in creating smooth, glossy cakesMoulded cakes are as good in about a week as the old traditional method, which relies on baking for a longer periodThe study was conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and published today in the Australian Journal of Food Science.

“The new method of baking does not require any special equipment, as there are no tools needed to make the mould,” Professor Michael Belsky from the University of Melbourne’s School of Food Technology and Food Sciences said.

“What’s really interesting is that the moulding process itself, the way that it’s formed, is so simple that you don’t need to know any baking skills whatsoever.”

It just needs to be done in a way that allows the mould to grow and expand and to change shape.

“For example, if you put some flour in it, it can expand a bit and form a small lump, and then it can grow to the size of a small round cake.”

The new technique uses hot water to create the mould, which allows the foodstuff to grow more easilyThe study looked at three types of moulds: a regular, a buttery, and a “shingled” one.

“Our study looked into whether the new mould was as good at forming a smooth, silky, cake as the traditional mould,” Dr Belsk said.

Dr Belski said the study found that the new method had a 90 per cent success rate.

“To give you an idea of what that means, if there was a standard, one-sheet mould of flour in the supermarket and the standard one sheet of flour, it would take almost a week for the flour to start to grow,” he said.

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