When you want a solid brick, you can buy it from the real world

A brick from the Montanans cement-making industry has turned up in a local supermarket.

The first piece of concrete was found in the small town of Burtons Creek in the north-east of the state.

Its creator, John Andrews, has used the cement to make the moulds for his cement bricks.

“It’s a great material to work with because it’s durable, it’s easy to work on, and it’s very easy to mould,” Mr Andrews said.

“We’ve used it in a variety of ways to make concrete.”

It is also a cheap material to produce.

The concrete is used for a variety, including to build a wall, a bridge and more.

Mr Andrews said his bricks could be used for any concrete construction project.

“If you’re building a house, you could have it on the site and you can use it as a slab for the roof of the house,” he said.”[And] you could make a house from the concrete and it could be a piece of stone.”

Mr Andrews also said his product could be reused.

“In the future, if we want to replace something that has deteriorated or if there’s a piece that’s been neglected, we could easily use it for that,” he told News.org.au.

Mr Andrew said the company would sell his bricks in a bid to encourage the use of cement in building.

“I think cement has a role in building, it can be used to fill in cavities or fill in holes in concrete,” he added.

“But in a construction context, cement has the ability to create a lot of durability and strength in concrete.”

The company is planning to open a brick and mortar factory in the town of Karratha, near the mouth of the Tenterfield River.

“This is a great opportunity for our community, for our businesses, for everyone who’s looking to produce bricks,” Mr Andrew said.

He said the brickmaking industry was thriving in the area.

“The community is really keen to have cement-makers,” he explained.

“For us, cement is really important because we use it in cement and concrete.”

There’s also some concrete from the Tungurahr, which we also use to make cement, but we’re also looking to move into cement and other materials, which will benefit us.

“Read more:Cement factory plans in Tunguruahr: John Andrews

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