‘We had to cut everything’: The horror of a pine mouldering home in Devon

Posted March 08, 2020 08:07:16 The chilling moment when one family had to turn their back on their loved ones for fear of the mouldering of their home and the destruction of the home’s family history.

The home, located in the town of Dorset, was on the market in February when the owner decided to sell it for scrap.

But the couple were unable to sell the house without the moulding, which is considered a major threat to the environment.

“I was thinking I could just go back and have it but we’re just so scared,” Lisa, the owner, said.

“It was just a terrible feeling when we went and got the house out and the whole house was like this, like we could just walk in and get the whole thing out.”

And we thought ‘this is what we’ll never have again’.

“The couple’s children, aged eight and 10, had grown up in the home, and were the first to be moved to the home after the owner told them he was moving to a new house.”

They said ‘oh, that’s OK, we’ll move back in with the family’,” Lisa said.

It is believed that the mould is a byproduct of the process of growing pine trees in the UK, and it can be a serious health threat to trees if not removed.”

When it’s going in, the air inside is getting very humid, it gets very hot and it’s quite hard to move it around,” Lisa said, adding that she would be taking the mould out of the house for a couple of days, and could not imagine the family’s reaction.

The family will continue to fight the removal of the offending moulding and are appealing for any neighbours or potential buyers to contact them.”

The mould is really bad.

It’s been there for a while and it was just the first time we ever saw it,” Lisa explained.”

But we have a lot of work to do to fix it and to get it moving again.

“The family have been left devastated, and Lisa is planning to sell their home again to pay for repairs to the damage caused by the mould.”

We’re going to put it back together again, we’re going home again and we’re probably going to get another house,” she said.

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