The perfect place to build your own stair railing moulding

In a perfect world, every staircase in your house would have a moulding system built in.

The idea of a mould-free staircase has become very popular with the DIY community, and while it can take up to a year to make a mould for a given staircase, a quick and easy DIY process can make a huge difference in how well it looks and feels.

Here are some steps to get started with a moulded staircase:Step 1: Get the materials you needStep 2: Cut the mould into the appropriate size for your stairsStep 3: Apply the mold and adhere it with duct tapeStep 4: Cut a slot for the moulding to hang inStep 5: Repeat step 5 for all the stairs in the houseStep 6: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all your stair railing moldsStep 7: Use a mould cutter to cut the mould outStep 8: Carefully remove the mould from the mould and apply it to the stair railingStep 9: Repeat for all stair railing molding materialsStep 10: Remove the mould on all the stairway railing mastsStep 11: Seal the mould with duct taped tapeStep 12: Repeat with all the steps in the projectStep 13: Place all your stairs in placeStep 14: Finish off with some extra decorationsStep 15: Enjoy!

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