How to make a new bookcase trim

A new book case trim, which was made by a couple from the US, can be found here.

The couple had used a custom moulding machine, which took a lot of time and money, and also took away from the bookcase’s space.

So they made their own.

It’s an interesting take on the classic moulding process.

Instead of using the moulding shop, the couple made their new trim in their home.

“We wanted something that was a little more modern,” they said.

We wanted it to have a little bit more depth and it had a little touch more to it,” said the couple, who do not want their real names published.”

The main thing we wanted to do was to make it look really good and not be too ornate and expensive,” they added.”

You can have a lot more of a sense of what it looks like.

“What you need to know about moulding and woodworking in New ZealandThe bookcase and window mouldings are two types of moulding.

There are two basic types, which can be used interchangeably, and there are other types, such as the decorative moulding used on books.

Moulding is the process of making moulds to make objects.

A bookcase is made by making a mould to hold the book in place, and then it is moulded into a new shape.

They also have moulds for window moulds, which is where the window is moulding into a glass frame.

In the past, moulding was a fairly traditional craft.

But that changed in the 19th century.

New Zealand is now known for its high-quality woodworking, and it has a rich heritage.

And there are a number of unique books available, including The Book of the Lost and the book by Charles Dickens, which has sold more than 500,000 copies.

The couple have also made a number unique furniture items, including a dining table that is made from reclaimed timber and a table for children.

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