A shoe moulder is on trial in South Korea for selling fake footwear

A shoe molder is facing trial in Seoul for selling counterfeit shoes and selling fake shoe moulds.

The Seoul Metropolitan Prosecutors’ Office filed charges against the former shoe molding expert on Monday.

Prosecutors say the man, named only as J, allegedly sold counterfeit shoes to customers in the central business district of Seoul and other places.

He sold shoes with fake moulds, the office said.

He told customers the shoes were genuine.

The man, who worked as a shoe molders for more than two decades, is currently facing a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, according to prosecutors.

A shoe moulders is seen in a photo taken in Seoul on January 11, 2019.

(AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)The Seoul court has not yet made a decision on the case.

The accused man was arrested in January, and prosecutors say he told them that the shoes he sold were genuine, the AP news agency reported.

He also told the police that he was selling counterfeit footwear, the Seoul Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office said.

The charges came two months after a shoe mould was busted in Seoul, and a similar case of selling counterfeit goods to customers happened in January.

In February, a shoe maker was charged with selling fake shoes, which prosecutors said was a result of his working with counterfeiters.

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