What are the best ways to clean your fireplace trim?

After a couple of years of work, my fireplace trim was finally ready for the next stage in its life cycle.

For this project I needed a little bit of inspiration, so I started by checking out the popular fireplace trim companies on Etsy.

I decided on the Chimney Fireplace Trim from ChimneyFire, which I’ve personally used for a couple years now.

It’s a really nice, sturdy and functional product.

I also had a look at the Fireplace trim line from Hogue, which is a really good option for those who don’t have much experience with trim.

They are a nice selection of products and I’ve tried them all.

The final step was to order the trim from the company.

They had everything I needed and they sent me the trim for free, so it was really easy to order from them. 

I used the Chimneys Fireplace trimmer and got a great deal on a nice, lightweight piece of wood.

I loved the way the trim looked and the ease of use, so that’s what I used for the last step: cutting.

I used a couple different types of wood and the trim itself was really nice to cut with.

The trim had to be cut on the edge of the fireplace, because it was a bit too thick to use a router.

Once the trim was cut, I had to take a look in the fireplace to see if it was too thin or not. 

I found that I could use the fireplace trim to create a nice base for a sofa or bed.

After I cut the wood base, I started adding the trim and then started cutting it further to create the floor.

After that, I just had to add the wood trim, put it in the base and add the sofa.

After the sofa was finished, I used some of the leftover wood to make a little window in the back.

The window is really nice and easy to use.

I like the way it looks, especially with the fireplace lighting in the background. 

You can use this window as a storage area for things, such as a camera or a camera bag.

Next up was to add a nice little decorative piece to the fireplace.

This fireplace trim is quite simple to make.

You just need some thin wood, a couple coats of stain, some glue and you’re done.

I like how it looks in the pictures, but it’s definitely worth a look.

I would definitely recommend using this fireplace trim for any other fireplace furniture you may have in your home.

It would make a great gift for anyone who loves the fireplace!

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