Scientists discover the secret to keeping your wrinkles under control

Scientists have discovered how to stop wrinkles from becoming too big and growing too quickly, which could help prevent ageing and even age-related health problems.

They found the secret by creating a new type of collagen, which is made from a mixture of proteins that normally help the skin keep its shape.

The research was published in Nature Communications.

Scientists have discovered that the key to keeping wrinkles under-eye is keeping the skin smooth, or “shaping”.

A picture of a young woman wearing a face mask showing her wrinkles shows the collagen layer beneath the skin, which can get thicker, making it more prone to wrinkles, the researchers say.

The collagen layer, when the skin is rough, can cause wrinkles and they are thought to be due to the body’s attempts to make it smooth.

However, the research suggests that the skin can be made smooth without this collagen.

If you have wrinkles, you can try to prevent them by keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

If you do not, you could also try to control them by wearing a mask and moisturiser, the study suggests.

In the study, researchers looked at the effect of different collagen types on skin texture and elasticity.

They tested skin of a normal person aged between 35 and 70 for the results.

Skin of a patient who had a large number of wrinkles appeared smoother and more elastic, the paper found.

“The most important thing is to stay hydrated and not use products that cause irritation or make the skin wet,” said Professor Stephanie Cramer, who led the study from the University of Auckland.

Professor Cramer said the skin’s skin texture was also key to the effect on wrinkles, so that the collagen is kept hydrated, and the skin looks better.

A patient who has large numbers of wrinkles could be prone to developing them, the scientists found.

“What we know about wrinkles is that they are a major risk factor for age-associated skin diseases, so they can be treated,” said Dr Sarah Cramer of the University’s School of Dermatology.

Dr Stephanie Cramers research is published in the journal Nature Communications, and is based on her work with Professor Paul Dittmar from the Faculty of Derma in the University Hospital of Groningen.

She and her colleagues are currently studying how to slow the growth of the skin.

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