Kerala: ‘Id moulds can only be destroyed with the help of the community’

A new batch of Iod moulds, allegedly made by the Muslim community, are being tested in Kerala, the state’s health department said on Monday.

The State Health Department said it would submit the results to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Monday for approval for its plan to distribute Iod Moulds, which are considered as a safer alternative to the dangerous plastic used in plastic bags and bottles.

Kerala’s chief minister has been quick to take stock of the situation, saying on Saturday the government was looking at a plan to reduce the consumption of plastic.

The state has around 7,000 factories that manufacture plastic bottles, cans and cansons.

Krishna, who was elected to lead the state on January 31, has said he will soon introduce a law to regulate the plastic manufacturing industry.

The state’s plastic pollution problem has become a flashpoint in the state as it has more than 1,400 factories that churn out plastic bottles and plastic containers, with the majority of these factories operating in Kerala.

The Chief Minister said the government is looking into the possibility of a plastic tax, and has proposed an excise duty of 5 per cent on plastic.

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