How to make a silicone wafer mould from plastic

MELBOURNE, Australia — Making a silicone wafer mold from plastic isn’t easy, but it can be done, and the process can be reused for other applications.

“You can basically just make it out of a plastic container,” says Lisa Miller, a plastic mold maker who has been making plastic moulds for 20 years.

She makes plastic moulding from PVC pipe.

We used PVC pipe as a starting point, she says.

It was cheaper than other materials like styrene foam.

I started by using PVC pipe to create a wafer.

The process is quite simple.

Fill the wafer with resin.

Cut the waffle with a kitchen scissors.

You can see how the resin can melt into the wafers surface.

Then, using a spatula, gently flatten the waffers surface into a circle.

Repeat until all the waffles have been shaped.

When finished, the mould can be used for any other application.

What are the advantages of plastic mould making?

A plastic wafer can be cut into small, flexible pieces.

If you use plastic mould for a lot of things, like the moulds you make for your wedding bands, you can be very creative.

“I’ve seen moulds made of any type of plastic,” Miller says.

“For the bands, I’d usually use PVC pipe for the band pieces.”

The mold is then glued to the band.

Miller says she’s often able to get the mould onto the band and make a few small changes.

A silicone waffle is also great for making the wifes interior and exterior look a bit different.

Miller says plastic mould is an ideal material for the job of molding the wiffle.

“The plastic wifers tend to have a softer surface than plastic, so it makes it easier to make the mould into the shape you want,” she says, adding that the plastic waffle also has a softer touch, which is a big plus.

Moulding a plastic wafel is a great way to make your own moulds and create new designs.

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