How the Woodsman’s Necklace Made a Legend in the Woods

The story of the oak moulding profile, as told by Allan Moulder, was told in The Tree of Life by Carl Sandburg, which appeared in the January 1998 issue of National Geographic magazine.

The tree of life story is so well known to many that we have reproduced the full text of the story below, in full, for your reading pleasure.

A tree of trees, in the middle of a forest.

It is hard to find a tree of the same height and shape that has a profile similar to the oak profile.

And so, the tree of wood moulding.

In the spring of 1868, a tree named Allen Moulder was picked up by a young hunter and brought to the North Carolina woods, where he lived for two years.

At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a tree, but then you realize it has a full profile.

In fact, the profile is so complete that it was the first tree to be created in the United States.

The Oak Profile in the Wood Molding Profile (courtesy of Allan Mrough) The tree was found in the woods by a man named James Moulder in the fall of 1867, after he had lost a leg in a fire.

James and his family were in the lumber business and saw a lumber mill near their home.

They decided to take a trip down the road and saw the tree they were going to take.

It looked like a tree from a different era.

The bark was thick, the trunk was long and the trunk had two long branches, like an oak tree.

The wood was hard, and the branches were thick.

And they thought, Well, what kind of tree is this?

They were impressed, and went back down the path, thinking, We can probably cut this tree up.

But as they got closer, they realized that the tree was much larger than they thought.

The branches were so big, and they were covered in many different types of fungi, that they thought they had to be real wood.

They didn’t think that the wood was real wood, they thought it was something from the future.

So they came back down, and it was just an oak.

And James went back and saw that the bark was so thick that the timber would have to be split.

He was just a little bit worried that he had cut something, and he pulled out the trunk.

So he went back to his family and said, I’ve got a bad cut.

He saw that they had made a mistake, and that the branch had split off.

So James and the family made a second trip down that road and they went back.

And now they were back up in the tree, and James was worried that his leg had been injured.

So the tree had been cut up, and there was a stump in the trunk, and this stump had been split open and the wood inside had gotten into the trunk and stuck there.

It was like a giant oak stump.

And the tree now was just the trunk of an old oak tree, with a big, round trunk, which was a little more than five feet long.

So now they thought that they could use the tree to make a great tree.

So in 1868 they were able to do that.

And that is what the profile looked like.

It had a large trunk, but there was little to no branching.

And it had a trunk of wood like an old tree.

And what was really amazing was that there were so many different kinds of fungi growing on the wood.

And this was the only tree in North Carolina to ever be created with this type of wood molding profile.

The profile was made from oak wood, and some of the fungi were on the tree itself, and on the branches of the tree.

You can see how the tree started out as just a single tree with a few branches.

And then it was used to make wooden molds.

The Wood Molded Oak Tree was made by using wood that had been carved from the wood that was left over after the lumber mill had burned down.

In this wood mold, there are all sorts of things that have grown on it.

The sap, for example, was left behind, and so there was all sorts, you know, grass, and even some leaves and some bark, all growing in that wood.

There are also the bark, which is the sap from the trees.

There is a lot of wood here, so the sap had to come out of the wood, so it had to grow on the mold.

Then, on top of that, there were the fungi.

There were these little tiny organisms, some of them up to a foot long, that were growing on top, and a lot were hanging out on the bark of the trees itself.

So when the mold was made, they could see that there was something growing on this wood, on this tree.

It would have grown at the base of the

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