christmas moulds

christmas molds are just plain awesome!

 We’ve made our own moulds for christmas, we’re pretty sure they are the best thing ever.

 The moulds we make can be customised with whatever you want.

It’s super easy to put them together and they are really cool.

Here are a few of the great ones:  These are made from a 1/2 inch round of molds, and then moulded in the round.

They are super cool, and look pretty awesome.

These are also made from molds of varying sizes.

The moulding is then topped with a thick layer of Christmas decorations.

I’m not sure if they are just frosted with chocolate or not.

So how do they look?

The molds were done with a bit of help from our friends at The Art of Moulding, who are super talented.

All of the moulds are 1/8th inch wide and 2 inches tall.

One thing to note about the Christmas molds is that they can only be made in two colors.

Christmas trees are always decorated with red and white.

If you want to make one for your Christmas tree, I recommend you go for white.

Here’s how to do that.

This one looks a bit more festive.

You can use whatever colors you want here.

Each mould has a base of chocolate molds that are also filled with a layer of decorating molds.

Once all the decorations are in place, the molds come together and you can add whatever decorating you want (if you have it) to the base.

To finish it off, you can use chocolate glue to attach the mold to the bottom of your tree.

That’s it.

As for the decorations, you will have to do a little bit of work to make sure that they are completely edible.

Makes a great gift!

It doesn’t get much more festive than a tree decorated with decorations that look absolutely delicious.

We can’t wait to see how the mixtapes will turn out!

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