Which is better, moulding or plastic?

3rd November 2018 | By Kishan Kumar, Design Editor, The Times of IndiaA new moulding technology has been developed by scientists from the National Institute of Materials Science and Technology, NIMS, to replace the plastic moulding on shoes.

The moulding process is being used to manufacture footwear for the first time.

The technology uses the elastic properties of a material, called elastomeric polymer, which makes it highly flexible and flexible, as well as flexible, yet tough.

This elasticity allows it to withstand both heat and cold.

It also allows for a much more compact and lightweight shoe, as compared to plastic mouldings which can be difficult to fold and stack up.

The scientists have now developed a moulding with a material called elastic polyurethane (EPS), which is more flexible and soft than polyurethene.

The process is taking place at NIMs campus, Chandigarh, and will soon be rolled out to other laboratories in the country.

According to the NIM Sridhar Raghavan, the elastomers used in the moulding have the flexibility and toughness of a plastic but are lighter and more flexible than that of the elastics used in plastic moulds.

This material is also more flexible.NIMS has also made a mould for a new type of moulding called an epoxy mould, which has a high resistance to abrasion, as opposed to the standard epoxy-based moulds which do not resist abrasions at all.

These moulds are also much more durable than plastic moulders, which have a limited lifespan.

Raghavan said the elastic polymer moulding has been used in a number of different applications and can be used for moulding for various products including clothing, footwear and food.

Accordingly, these moulds will soon replace plastic mouldors.

According To The Times Of India, the scientists behind the elacomeric moulding said that the elasts used in these mouldings are a combination of the elasticity of a polyuretha, which can absorb and hold heat, and the flexibility of an elastin polymer, an elastic polymer with high strength and resilience.

“This elastic polymer has higher elasticity than polyester, which is an important property for the material to have.

This elastosome is more stable than the polyester elastides used in moulds,” Raghwan said.

Rajesh Nair, who has been working on the mould in Chandigardhan for the last 10 years, said that moulds for shoes have been used for thousands of years.

The elastomials in the mold can withstand temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius, but will last for up to 10,000 hours if left in a warm environment.

The researchers said that their elastometric moulding could be used to make shoes with better comfort and durability than the existing plastic mould.

The NIMC director, Pratap Varki, said moulds made from elastimals would be used in new and innovative applications in the coming years.

He added that the moulds were being developed with a focus on making shoes of a higher quality than current ones.

The institute has already been making moulds with elasto-polyurethanes and epoxy, which are the two main ingredients used in conventional moulds, and they are currently working on making moulding using elastomorphs.

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