What to know about the growing bed moulding industry in Texas

Recode, the online news organization that first reported on the moulding business in southern Texas, has the scoop on a booming bed mould business in Texas.

Bed moulding is a term used to describe the process of building up a home’s walls, ceilings, floors, and roof to create a mold.

In Texas, moulding centers are set up in every county in the state, where moulds are produced and then shipped to homes.

The industry has exploded in recent years and is now valued at about $5.8 billion.

Recode reached out to several molding companies in Texas and other parts of the country that supply moulds to homes in the Houston area.

We found that molding centers in the city of Houston have seen significant growth in recent months.

According to a recent Recode story , a bed molding center in the Heights neighborhood of Houston has seen a 30 percent increase in business since April, when the company moved to a new facility in the Harris County city of Harrisburg.

The new facility has produced at least 1,400 new beds since then.

“We’re growing fast,” said Scott Smith, who runs the Houston molding company, MTM.

He says that despite the increase in demand, he still has a lot of inventory to ship to customers.

He also noted that the supply chain for molding products can be a bit messy.

“It’s a lot like how you build a car,” Smith said.

According to MTM, its customers are primarily from the Houston metropolitan area, which has a population of about 35,000. “

It’s pretty messy.”

According to MTM, its customers are primarily from the Houston metropolitan area, which has a population of about 35,000.

According to the Houston Business Journal, the company had about 200 employees in April and about 500 in May.MTM’s new Houston facility has become an epicenter for bed mold business.


to Smith, a new center has more than quadrupled in the last year.

Muffin Muffin, a bed-mould company that has offices in Houston and in neighboring Tarrant County, has had its bed-making operation in the area for more than three years.

In May, the firm’s facility in downtown Houston, known as the Muffins and Muffines, became the site of the largest-ever molding operation in Texas, Smith said, adding that his company has been “a pioneer in the molding industry” in Houston since 2011.

Muffs has had a hard time keeping up with demand.

Last year, the Muffs and Muffs announced it would be closing its current facility at 704 E. Texas, but Smith said the company is planning to reopen the new facility this year.

The Muffs also recently began shipping new molding product to customers in Houston, and they expect to have all of their product ready for customers in January.

But the company still faces a few challenges.

Muffini, the new bed-mortar facility, has been operating for about six months.

While the Muffle Muffinis are a popular option for home remodels, Smith says the company’s beds are not always the best choice for mold protection.

“You’re going to need a good mold protection for your new house,” Smith explained.

“If you want to get a better bed, you need to have good mold insulation.

So, you want a good mattress, and a good foam mattress.”

While Muffinos new facility is an incredible success story, the beds in the new Muffina’s existing building, which is currently under construction, have been a major problem.

MTM said that the new building, located on the northeast corner of the Mollie Avenue and W. Austin Boulevard shopping center, will have a mold-resistant mattress and will have two different sizes of mold protection products.

It is also set to have an interior ventilation system.

The Muffinas new mold protection plan has had mixed results.

According for example, the old Muffino’s was a disaster, but it did have a decent amount of mold, but the new ones are not nearly as good as the old one, Smith told Recode.

Muffs new plan also lacks a good-size foam mattress, which could be a problem for a new tenant in a new building.

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