The Top 10 Most Shocking Moulding Trends From 2018

It’s easy to get a little swept up in a moulding trend when it’s a new one.

That’s why, on this list, we’re counting down the top 10 most shocking moulding trends for 2018.


You’re now getting a moulded shirt with the logo on the back.

There’s no denying it: you’re wearing a shirt that looks a lot like a mould-up.

It’s all about the back, of course, so the back is the most important part of a mouldable shirt.

Here are the top 5 ways to make a mould: Make the back out of fabric or other natural material.

Mould your shirt to look like a fabric, such as wool or nylon, and cut it into a shape that’s a perfect fit.

Maintain the shape by rubbing the fabric into the moulding with a sponge.

Use a silicone or rubber moulding brush to create a smooth, rough shape. 

Use a moldable fabric for a shirt, and then use it to make your own mould.

The mould should have a smooth surface and not be overly rough.

Make the mould out of cotton or linen, or make it out of a fabric like cotton or silk.

Make a shape out of natural material, such a plastic, wood or metal.

Take the mould to the fabric store and buy the appropriate size. 

The back should have the logo, as well as the logo of the garment you’re going to wear it on. 

How to Make a Molded Shirt: 1.

Cut a rectangle out of the fabric.


Lay the rectangle on the counter.


Put the mould in place, using a rubber molding brush.


Put on a shirt.


Repeat steps 4-5 until you have a mould that looks like a real shirt.

Mention that you are trying to make something a little different from a regular shirt, such that it feels like it’s being worn by someone else.


Use the mould on your shirt, or on a different garment.

The finished product should look like it has the same proportions and shape as the shirt.


If you want to make the shirt look more like a garment, like a dress, you can cut a skirt or a blouse out of it. 

Mould your Shirt: Mould Your Shirt with a Rubber Molding Brush: Make a mould out to resemble a fabric in the shape of a skirt. 

Make a Mold Out of Cotton or Linen: Molds the front and back of a piece of fabric into a flat, rectangular shape.

The back should be rounded and the front rounded. 


Take a silicone moulding wand and brush the front of the shirt, making sure that it looks as though it has a hole in it, and gently work the mould around the edge. 


Place the mould onto the fabric, making the shape a little larger than the back of the item. 


Smooth the top of the mould with a rubber mould-ing brush, creating a rough shape with the mould.


Use your fingers to rub the mould into the fabric as you work it, using the back as a guide to help you. 

What’s a mould? 

When you’re trying to create something new, you’re using natural materials such as fabric or wool to make moulds.

These natural materials are generally much more flexible than the natural materials that you’ll find in a fabric shop, so it’s easier to mould the material.

Molding is a process that involves forming a shape, then using it to create another shape.

Molds are also known as moulding tools, or moulding presses.

Milling is the process of cutting fabric, or fabric scraps, into a precise shape.

You can also use a mason’s saw to make molds from clay or other material.

How to Make Molding Tools: Milling is a way to make shapes out of materials that are more flexible and durable than natural materials.

It also involves creating shapes out a material that’s very difficult to work with.

You might be able to make it with a mould, but you won’t be able work with a machine.

You’ll need to learn how to work a mould from the ground up, rather than just using the same materials over and over again.

Here’s how to mingle the two: 1.

Make two moulds out of different materials.

2 (optional) Put the two shapes side by side and then measure the difference between them. 

Measure the difference.

3 (optional, but helpful) Cut the difference in half, and measure the distance between the two halves. 

Using your mason s saw, cut the difference to the size you need, and the shape you want. 

Now you need to make two more moulds from different materials: 3 (not optional, but useful) Cut one out of each

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