Canada’s bed mould is ‘un-Canadian’

The bed mould that has been found in Canada’s largest city is “un-American”, said one Canadian MP who is also a member of the House of Commons.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Conservative MP Bob Dechert said he believes the bed mould could be dangerous to human health and could pose a public health risk.

“There are no Canadian standards for mould, and we don’t have any American standards for bed mould,” Dechers said in an interview on CBC’s Power & Politics.

“If you’re going to be a bed mould, it should be treated as a threat to human life and health.”

Decherts office was contacted for comment but did not respond.

According to the federal Department of Health, the United States is the only country in the world where mould can be found in homes.

Decherton, a former federal health minister, has repeatedly called for an international standard for mould and has introduced legislation to do so.

Dechers office also has called for a moratorium on building new homes until the United Nations sets a national mould standard.

Canada, the only developed country in North America, does not have a national standard for mold.

Dechertyt said there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about mould in Canada and that there is no consensus about what constitutes a “curable” mould and how long it should last.

Dechets office has also called for the introduction of a national model of mould control.

Decayt said that the U.S. has adopted a national mold control standard that would take the mold into account, but Canada has not.

Dechtert said the current national standard is “just not sufficient.”

“We have a bed mold problem in our city of Ottawa and we’re not getting a good grip on it,” Dechet said.

Dechestert has also been a vocal critic of the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Council of Learned Societies, which represent medical professionals in Canada.

He has called on the CMA to step down from the federal government.

Dechaterts office also criticized the Canadian Academy of Family Physicians, which represents family physicians in Canada, for not doing enough to help Canadians.

Dechiters office also said that it is not clear whether or not there are any mould outbreaks in Canada due to the lack of a mould control standard.

Dechigts office is calling for the establishment of a Canadian Standard for the Detection of Mold in Buildings.

“The Canadian Standard should be the standard for building standards across the country,” said Decherti.

“It should be a universal standard.

That’s the way to go.””

A mould detection test should be done on every building in Canada to ensure that we have a level of control.

That’s the way to go.”

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