Australia’s ‘magic wand’ to save the lives of cancer patients

The world’s largest cancer treatment centre has been awarded a $1.2 billion grant from the Government to create a ‘magic wands’ to help Australians survive their cancer treatments.

The Health Innovation Centre will develop a “magic wand” that will be implanted into the human body to treat cancer.

The grant is for $1 million, and will be used to establish the centre, build the equipment and train staff.

The Government will invest $800 million in the centre over the next three years, and it will also provide a “virtual health clinic” and $30 million to the Commonwealth, according to the Department of Health.

The Magic Wands, named after the popular science fiction television show, will be designed and manufactured by the Melbourne-based company Mabuchi, which has already developed a wand called the Mabu.

The centre will use Mabus technology to help patients and their families access “magic wans” to control their own cancers.

“The magic wand will be a ‘smart medicine’ that allows for a personalized and personalized approach,” the Department said in a statement.

“This will enable the patient to choose which treatment is best for them, based on their particular pathology and the treatments available at the time.”

The Government is also looking at new technologies that could be developed to help the centre operate faster.

The funding will also help the centres staff to expand the work they are doing.

“It is an enormous undertaking to establish a centre of this magnitude,” Dr Michelle Mokar, the head of the centre and a leading cancer specialist, said.

“But it’s the right thing to do.”

The funding is a key piece of the $2.8 billion package announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Wednesday, to address Australia’s growing cancer burden.

The announcement comes after Turnbull’s pledge to end Australia’s coal-fired power stations by 2022.

He said the government would “drain the swamp” by building new renewable energy sources.

The new $1 billion grant will provide $800,000 per annum to the centre to run the centre for the next four years.

The centres “magic Wands” will be connected to “a powerful and powerful cloud,” the Government said.

The department also said it would spend another $1m on a new “virtual medical clinic” to help cancer patients.

The “virtual clinic” will allow people to visit a virtual medical clinic and access “free cancer testing” in a hospital, and a “digital pharmacy” that allows doctors to “make a patient’s own medicine.”

“The virtual pharmacy will enable doctors to quickly and easily provide their patients with the drugs and treatments that are needed, as well as access the latest medical research,” the statement said. 

The Health and Human Services Minister, Scott Morrison, said the grants would help cancer treatments spread faster and be more accessible.

“These grants will enable a new era of cancer treatment and care,” he said.

“This is just the beginning.”

A spokeswoman for the Australian Cancer Society said it was disappointed by the announcement.

“As we have repeatedly said, it is essential that we continue to work towards an affordable, effective, compassionate, and compassionate cancer service for Australians.”

We believe that these funds will enable us to deliver this important work with the best possible outcomes for the thousands of Australians who are diagnosed with cancer every year,” she said.

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