A new moulding concept from the UK that could replace windows in homes and offices could be the key to an affordable future for home renovation

New Scientist Magazine has published an article detailing how the UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) has developed a new mould-retaining foam material that could be used to replace windows and doors in homes.

The foam has been developed using a ‘superficial’ approach to manufacturing.

Rather than using ‘traditional’ techniques, such as molding, the foam is made up of a mixture of hydrophobic (hydrophobic) materials and hydrophilic (hydrostatic) materials.

These can then be placed on a mold, and the process of curing and sealing them creates a ‘mould-like’ surface that can be removed to create a new surface, in this case window moulding.

The DfT is keen to get the new foam on the market before 2020, and said that its first use will be to replace a door in a new building that needs to be repaired.

It said that this is because the material has proven effective in replacing window mouldings and windows, and could also be used for the replacement of existing windows in new buildings.

The firm that developed the foam has now applied to the UK Department of Transport (DFT) to be considered for its first application for its use in new construction.

The application is now being considered and will be finalised in the coming months.

DfA has said that the foam was developed by the DfE and will use an advanced technology that is ‘unique to the sector, as well as being one of the first to use the new technology in the UK.’

The firm said that it was aiming to develop the material in the next six months and that it had developed an innovative process for producing a durable, lightweight and high-strength foam.

However, it said that more work needed to be done to ensure that it would be safe to use in the first year of its use, and that its safety record was limited to a small number of patients.

It added that the firm had received no regulatory approvals for the product.

The firm’s application has been submitted to the DFT.

In addition to the foam, the firm said it had also developed a series of other window moulds.

The windows can then replace windows or doors in existing buildings, which would reduce the need for replacement windows.

The Foam Felt is made of a lightweight polymer, and it is flexible enough to be rolled up and folded into shape.

The company said that a new process called ‘molding-based’ has been adopted in order to create moulds that can adhere to a window mould, or window mould that has been opened and closed over a period of time.

The company added that its windows could be applied in a range of applications, such at schools, restaurants, bars, theatres, or to help seal new windows.’

Our windows can be applied to all the windows in a building, whether they are new or used, so it is ideal for the application of windows in public spaces,’ the firm explained.

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