‘You’re just too good at what you do’: A young woman’s quest to reinvent her career after a disastrous stint at a beauty parlour

By Lauren Gittleson A young Australian woman who took a job as a beauty therapist and beauty assistant to support her new family has now set her sights on the beauty industry, and is hoping to make a name for herself by helping other people find their true calling.

Melanie Langer, 26, said she was inspired to start her own business after seeing her former beauty salon partner, Tracey Lee, who was leaving the industry.

“I was just really bored at work,” Ms Langer said.

“She was so great and the women who worked there, she was really good at her job.”

Ms Langer was introduced to beauty by her mother, who had also lost her job.

“They both started out as beauty therapists, and they went on to become assistants,” Ms Lee said.

Ms Lager said she wanted to do something different, and decided to pursue her dream of working as a therapist.

“My mother is really into it and she’s really into what I’m doing, and so I thought, ‘Well, why not?'”

Ms Lagger said she had a lot of advice from her parents, but had been struggling with finances.

“We had a very small budget, and I had a really hard time getting a job,” Ms Dolan said.

She said Ms Lager’s parents were the ones who first encouraged her to enter the beauty field, but they were hesitant to let her work there because of her background.

“When I went to school and did my makeup classes, I thought that I’m not really good, so I just didn’t go,” Ms Boon said.

But she said the advice they gave was very valuable.

“The beauty industry is very tough,” Ms Kavanagh said.”[They were] like, ‘If you do something to change it, you’re a good person’.”

And I’m like, no I’m going to make myself a better person.

“Ms Boon’s mother, Angela Boon, said her daughter had a vision to create a career that helped people and their families.”

It’s so important for young people to be supported in their dreams, so it’s very important for Melanie to help us get the support she needs to be successful in her career,” Ms Angela Bonsaid.

Ms Bonsayed she believed Ms Larker was motivated by her dreams of helping people in the beauty world.”

As a young person, she wants to help other people who are just trying to find their voice,” Ms Tishall said.

The next stage in Ms Lagan’s journey is to start working as an assistant.

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