Woodubend moldings for a small house

Posted March 16, 2018 09:16:24A small house in a quiet residential suburb of Perth could soon receive a new moulding to help it withstand the harsh conditions in Australia’s driest cities.

The Australian Woodubends Association (AWA) is working on the first of its new woodubend molds, which are made from wood pulp and water.

The company says it is working with the Government to provide the moulds to the state’s local councils and local councils in Perth.

Woodubend is a wood pulp-based additive that has been used for years in home improvement, furniture, carpentry, and other commercial uses.

Its main use is in building material such as window frames, furniture and furniture products, but it is also used to build masonry walls, roofs and other structures.

Its most recent use was to help keep carpets dry in a hotel in the Perth suburb of Marrickville.

The AWA says its new molds can withstand up to 10 per cent moisture content, making them ideal for homes where it is necessary to maintain the properties integrity and moisture level.

“The properties that we’re building can be in extreme drought, and if you’re building in a wet or cold climate, you can get up to 50 per cent less moisture in a building,” AWA president Scott Dickson said.

“That’s pretty amazing in the most extreme circumstances, in the dry season, and you can see it in a house with very little insulation, or you can have a very dry building.”

You can get 50 per [per cent] less moisture if you have an air-conditioning system and you’ve got the water in the house and it’s dry.

“Mr Dickson says the molds are being made in a new factory in Western Australia, and that the company will begin commercial production in March 2019.

The first batch of woodubends will be used in Perth and the WA state capital of Perth.

Mr Denton says the initial batches of moulds are in early stages of testing and that there are still several more to go before the woodubenders can be used commercially.”

It’s very early days for this technology, and there’s a lot of testing going on, so it’s very much in its early days,” he said.

Mr Nel, the WA Government’s housing minister, says the state has already invested $10 million into the Woodubending program.”

Woodubends are a very effective and sustainable alternative to building insulation for low-income families,” he told ABC Radio Perth.”

We’ve invested in Woodubenders in a number of low- and moderate-income communities in Western Victoria to ensure that these homes can continue to benefit from these great insulation products.

“In the long-term, Woodubendeds will play an important role in ensuring that homes are built with insulation that meets the needs of those in need.”

Woodubending was originally developed in Germany and has since spread around the world.

Mr Wirth, the AWA’s chief executive, says that woodubending is being used for homes in the states of Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan.

“There’s been a significant growth in the number of Woodubender products used by homes and businesses in Western and Central Australia,” he explained.

“At the moment, around 20 per cent of the wood in our country’s homes is made from Woodubendas, which is a very important resource in our state’s economy.”

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