The first batch of the ‘beauty moulds’ to be introduced by Cosmetics Australia have been unveiled to the public

A group of cosmetics experts has unveiled their first batch, which has been designed to mould the look of the latest ‘beautiful moulds’.

The moulds are designed to resemble the ‘edge moulds’, which have been available in cosmetic stores since the launch of Cosmetics A-Z last year.

The moulds use a mixture of acrylic, wax and water to create the moulds in a process that is similar to the way that the edges of a mould are formed.

The first batch will be available to customers starting from June 5.

While the moulding is a step towards a plastic-free future, the experts warn the final product may not be entirely cosmetic, with the result being something with a more ‘soft’ feel.

“The moulding process is a unique and unique way to mould,” said Associate Professor Ian Campbell, from the University of Technology, Sydney.

“When you have a mould it has to be formed in a certain way.

When you have an edge mould, the mould is formed in that way.

It’s a unique way of forming moulds and the mould will need to be used for a very long time to create a final product.”

In that sense it may not even be a mould at all.

“The experts, who are not named in the media, have not revealed any specific product details yet.

But with the advent of digital photography, Instagram and social media, it seems likely that the mould process will become more common.

While most moulds come with an opening for the consumer to remove the mould, there are those who are willing to use it in a more creative way.”

They’ve got the mould in there, but there’s also a way to make it easier to use the mould as a paintbrush,” Associate Professor Campbell said.”

It can be used to paint on something else that you don’t need.

It can be an element for your home décor or your office or even your bathroom.””

They have the mould ready to go, but they can then use it to make their own beautiful moulds.

“The researchers have said they are not going to be selling the mould because they think it’s not yet ready to be sold commercially.

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