Shingle moulds are to be banned from the UK amid fears of mould coming back from China

The Government has announced a clampdown on the sale of shingle-making machinery.

The Government said it was taking steps to tackle the problem of mould growing on shingle.

But there is concern that the UK’s export markets could be at risk from the fungus.

In January, a batch of a mould found on a batch used in shingle manufacturing in China was found to be resistant to the pesticide bromophenol, which is used to combat fungus and other moulds.

Government officials said it had been a “major concern” to the industry and that the Government was working with companies to try to prevent the outbreak of mould.

They said they would be working with suppliers and manufacturers to identify and remove any mould growing.

The UK’s shingle industry was valued at £2.3bn, according to industry body The Shingle Industry Association, which said it hoped the ban would “reinforce” the industry’s exports.

A spokesman for the Government said the Government would “continue to work with shingle manufacturers to prevent further contamination” and said the “costs and risks” posed by mould would be “discussed with suppliers”.

But he said it would be the responsibility of the manufacturers themselves to “avoid” mould growing in their shingle production.

Mr Storrar said the government would take action against companies which did not comply with the ban.

But he added that “if a company doesn’t comply with these new requirements, then they will be prosecuted”.

Government has also introduced a new duty of care on shingles that will include the import of new mould-fighting equipment, including pest controllers, pest-control systems, and chemicals to kill moulds, and a new licence scheme for the use of pest controllers and chemical sprays.

The scheme will cost an estimated £3.5m.

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