New machine could be a huge boost for women’s health

A new machine to help women’s healthcare needs could be unveiled this week.

The first in a new generation of machines will be unveiled at the University of Dundee by the Centre for Innovative Health Technology (CiTH) and the university’s Faculty of Engineering.

Dr Ian Drennan, from CiTH, said the new machine was a “big step forward in the way we’re able to deliver women’s needs” and is a step towards the “next generation of machine”.

The machine will be called the “CiTh Cinder Cuff”, named after the design that is used in Cinderblock moulding and is based on the design of the “cinderblock” moulding machines that were invented by John Smith.

Dr Drenan said the machine would help women to be more comfortable with their health and allow them to use a different way of getting around the home.

He said there are many benefits to having a Cindercuff moulding system in place.

“We’re very proud to be able to provide this new technology that is being developed to support women and to help them to be even more empowered with their healthcare,” Dr Drenn said.

“The machine is going to be an extremely useful tool for our doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to use in their work in the home, in their personal care, in the community.”

The CinderCuff will use a special moulding process, called “baking”, to allow the moulding to be poured into the mould, while a silicone moulding is used to help create the final shape of the mould.

“It’s the first time a moulding has been designed specifically for women,” Dr Dunnan said.

The Cindersuff machine will have two different shapes, one with two sides, one without and both of them will have a hole that is designed to fit through the mould into the body of the woman.

Dr Dunnan, who is also a member of the College of Health and Science at Dundee, said it was important that women were not afraid to get into the process of having their own Cinder cuffs.

“There are lots of other moulding systems out there that are designed for women, so it’s important that we provide a solution for women who want to use them, and we’re working very closely with the universities to make sure we do that.”

He said the first Cindersuffs were created in the 1970s, but women have been using them for more than a decade.

“In the past, women would just use their hands, so they didn’t realise that they were creating something that was actually going to help in a way that was not just a matter of a woman’s body,” he said.

Dr Rachael Murphy, of the University Hospitals of Dundalk, said that a lot of the problems faced by women in the workplace and at home were not necessarily related to the use of moulds, and that this could be an important part of the solution.

“This new machine is designed with the benefit of people using a mould that is moulded into the surface of their body, so there is less of a possibility of mould contamination, and it’s also a little bit safer for women because there’s no risk of getting mould into their hands,” Dr Murphy said.

Ms Murphy said it could also make it easier for women to work and socialise at home.

“One of the big problems for us women is that our workplaces are really small, so you can’t get around into a lot and interact with people, and this new machine could give women a way to get around that and be more productive,” she said.

CinderCuffs are a common tool for women in many parts of the world, with the majority of them being used in China, where there are about 7.5 million moulded women, according to the World Health Organization.

Dr Murphy said this new Cinder was an important piece of the puzzle to the development of a CiterCuff.

Ms Murphy is also part of CiTH’s “Cinder Cuffs in the Home” initiative, which has helped to identify and fund new machines that are being used to provide health care for women around the world.””

We need to take care of women’s bodies and the quality of their bodies is important for them to feel healthy and to have a quality of life, so I think that’s a big piece.”

Ms Murphy is also part of CiTH’s “Cinder Cuffs in the Home” initiative, which has helped to identify and fund new machines that are being used to provide health care for women around the world.

“Cindercuffs are really useful tools, because they give women the ability to access more of their healthcare needs,” she explained.

“And so there are lots and lots of women who are in very difficult situations in their home, or in their workplace, and are really struggling to get to the doctor.

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