How to make your own moulds in a few minutes

With an obsession for moulding and decorative mouldings, Sophie and her brother Chris decided to create their own.

They started by creating moulds from scratch using an old pair of scissors, then sanding and painting the finished product.

“You’re making your own molding, and you can’t do that anywhere else,” Sophie told Business Insider.

“We used to have to go out to the local hardware store and buy all our own tools.

So it’s been really hard to find an affordable place to make moulds at home.”

The pair said that they’ve been able to make hundreds of moulds over the past year and are now in the process of expanding their collection.

“I have to say, we made a few mistakes with our first batch, but we are really happy with the quality,” Sophie said.

“It’s definitely one of our favourite products.”

You can find moulds made from a variety of materials, from aluminium to acrylic, so you can make your moulds pretty much anything,” Sophie added.

You can see Sophie’s moulds on Instagram, and her other work on her website, and make your way over to her website for more tips.

“Most of the time, we get stuck making moulds with a very hard, brittle, brittle plastic that’s brittle and brittle.” “

The most important thing is finding a good, solid, solid base,” Sophie explained.

“Most of the time, we get stuck making moulds with a very hard, brittle, brittle plastic that’s brittle and brittle.”

They also say that moulds need to be kept clean to avoid damaging the plastic.

“We always wash the moulding thoroughly, so we don’t get mould spores on it,” Sophie pointed out.

“There’s nothing to fear if you clean it well.”

You can read more about Sophie’s unique style on her Instagram page, and follow her on Instagram for more information about her creations.

If you’re looking for some of Sophie’s most colourful and unique designs, you can check out her Instagram account here.

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