How to create a new style of skateboarding

What’s the first thing you notice about a new skateboard?

Is it the weight?

The size?

The lack of a removable bottom bracket?

Or maybe it’s the new moulding?

Moulded skateboards are a new trend on the UK skate scene, and the first of its kind in Europe.

The new skateboarding style is known as hardwood moulding and is based on the shape of a moulded piece of wood.

It’s a trend that’s seen skateboard manufacturers invest millions of pounds into the new design, and now skateboard brands like Burton have gone even further.

As we reported last month, Burton’s new model has a weight of 6.7kg, which is twice the weight of the previous generation’s skateboard.

But it also features a unique moulding system that is unlike anything on the market.

This means that instead of the standard flat top, the moulding is a hollow cone shape that sits in the middle of the board.

Instead of the traditional moulding pattern, the new one is rounded and has a unique shape on the inside.

This makes it harder for the board to bend and flex, and makes it easier for the molding to move over time. 

The new moulded skateboard, pictured, is available in the UK and Europe, and will be available for purchase from Burton soon.

Skateboards are one of the biggest trends in the world of skateboarding, with skateboards becoming more popular in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

A number of skate brands have been producing moulded boards, and Burton has been the latest.

With its new mouldings system, Burton aims to make skateboarding a global brand.

“The new design is something we wanted to do in the future, but we had no time to do it.

We had a lot of things we wanted for the brand but there wasn’t enough time,” Burton skateboard designer Adam Fagan told MTV News.

He added: “There was no way we could do it ourselves and we have no control over how the new skateboards will look.

Burton skateboards were created using a new mould-making process called ‘titanium-moulded’ which is an additive manufacturing process that creates new moulds by mixing the hardwoods with a catalyst.

This gives the new boards an amazing amount of weight and flexibility.

 “It’s also a great way to save time and reduce manufacturing costs, because it means we can spend more time on the design and less on manufacturing and shipping.”

Burkton will be selling its new skate models at skate shops, and in stores starting this month.

They’ll also be available online and in skate shops and on its website.

And Burton has partnered with a number of local skate shops to help launch their skateboard line.

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