Aussie ice moulds have a lot in common with the UK

Aussie moulds are used in many ice making techniques, including those used in ice cream making.

The first evidence of these processes comes from the UK, when a group of ice makers discovered moulds made from silica resin moulding.

The Australian Ice Industry Federation (AIF) is calling on the Government to investigate whether moulds could be a major problem for ice production in Australia.

“These ice moulding processes are very similar to the techniques used in the production of ice cream,” said AIF Ice Producer and Director, Geoff Scott.

“Ice cream makers around the world have used the same techniques to produce ice cream for decades.”

If these moulds can be found in Australia, it is very likely that the same processes used to produce these ice cream are also used in Australian ice making.

“We want to find out whether these moulding techniques are a serious risk to the health of Australian ice makers, and the wider industry.”

Scott says moulds used to make ice cream in Australia are very different from those used for ice cream.

“When we are making ice cream, we are using a high temperature machine to melt ice and then we are trying to mould that ice into ice blocks.”

Moulds are generally produced by heating water to a very high temperature and then pouring that water through a very thin layer of a plastic mould that is made of plastic and then it is mixed in with the rest of the mixture.

“So it is a very very specific process that involves the mixing of a lot of different materials.”

Scott said the moulds that were discovered in the UK had different properties to those found in the Australian ice industry.

“The moulds in the United Kingdom are made with a high-temperature metal such as steel or aluminium.

They also have a lower melting point and a higher rate of cracking,” he said.”

However, the mould in Australia has a higher melting point, a lower cracking rate and a much higher melting temperature.”

They also have an extremely low boiling point and they are much more stable than the mould used in Australia.

“Scott hopes to use his research to work with the Australian Government to look into the risks of moulds being used in manufacturing of ice.”

As an ice producer, we need to be careful about what we do with the materials that we have and how we use them.

“There are certain things that we need not to use in our processes that are really important and that are just not used in our industry.”


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