Why the Indian government should allow ornamental timber mouldings to be imported

The Indian government is expected to grant import permits for ornamental wooden mouldings imported from China.

The decision will give an impetus to China to open up its supply chains to the country’s domestic market.

The imports of these products will help the government diversify the countrys trade balance with China and boost the economy.

China has been pushing for the ban of Chinese imports of ornamental mouldings for many years.

Last month, China said that it will block imports of imported ornamental steel.

The Indian government has asked the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCEI) to issue guidelines on how ornamental metal mouldings can be imported from India.

The government will also seek comments from stakeholders in the industry.

The government said the import of ornational metal moulding is not a big issue and that the trade will be allowed if the material meets certain requirements.

The Chinese government has already been exporting its ornamentalwood mouldings from India to China.

This year, the ministry of transport and urban development had sanctioned the exports of ornate metal moulds.

China is also considering a package deal with India to allow the imports of its ornate wood moulds to China for the construction of roads, bridges and railways.

This will be the third time China has imported ornate wooden moulds from India in the last six months.

China’s trade with India rose to $3.5 billion in 2017, a jump of more than 40 per cent on the previous year.

The government has said that the ornamentalwoods are made from an artificial material, called alpaca, which has not been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This is a key issue in the fight against climate change.

Alpaca is a soft, fibrous material that has been used for centuries in Indian wood products.

China imports a third of India’s alpacs.

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