The latest in the ‘Paving moulds’ story

Southwestern Moulds is a small, local company making masonry in the city of Perth.

In the past few years, the company has been on the front lines of building the country’s first skyscraper, the Perth Tower, which will be Australia’s tallest building.

The company has also been working with major builders to develop the city’s new $5 billion waterfront, and recently won a contract to build a new $3 billion office tower.

As part of the new office tower’s development, Diy will build a number of paving mouldings on the waterfront, the city says.

The first concrete moulds will be installed in December.

The city says it will also work with the city and regional government to install the remaining paving moulding around the waterfront.

“These masonry molds are part of our process to create the best possible cityscape for our city and region, and to give a strong voice to the many residents who are now seeking better streetscape and access to services,” the city said in a statement.

The city says the city has already received a number, but there is no final tally.

The project has been beset with controversy, and has drawn criticism from locals who believe the masonry is unsafe.

In April, the City of Perth said it would not be supporting the construction of the $3.2 billion Perth Tower due to concerns that the moulds would “create a toxic environment for the surrounding communities and the environment”.

The company says it was unable to reach a solution with the City in the lead-up to the decision.

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